Discovering Dhaka: A Guide for First-Time Tourists

Do you want to escape from the fast paced lifestyle of the moment? Are you willing to visit a place that may be very different from the sights of the most talked about in the world, even the word "exotic" would seem like a terrible statement? Then prepare and select destination Asia! Pack your bags, You join a group of friends or family members, and book a trip to Bangladesh.

Overview Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located in Bengal, which is the eastern region of South Asia. The people of modern day Bangladesh speak Bengali, Indo-Aryan languages are also spoken by people in West Bengal, a State in India, and parts of two other State of India-Tripura and Assam.

Go on holiday not only will give you a much needed break. Learn everything you can about the new place is a stimulating and enriching. So to take advantage of your trip as well as possible, take the time to explore some of the attractions that should be visited in Bangladesh. Let's start with the Dhaka, the capital.


The city itself is the smelting activities of commercial, industrial, education, and politics. See the rickshaws in a place that smelled of progress is proof that it remains in compliance with his legacy, and gives a certain mystique that most amazing travelers will find of interest.

Why go to Dhaka?

The most powerful reason? Dhaka offers a unique experience that is very diverse from the West, and there are places and activities that are suitable for every type of traveler.

Wari in Old Dhaka Baldha Garden offers, the brainchild of the late Narendra Narayan Roy, who was a landowner Baldha. Founded in 1904, a collection of original and exotic plants from the garden will make the botanist and naturalist.

If you want to escape from the chaos of the city, the National Botanical Garden, scattered in 205 acres of land in Mirpur, will provide a safe place. Hitting two birds (no pun intended!) With one stone by learning about local and foreign animals at the Zoo in Dhaka, which is located next to the Park.

For historians and lovers of literature and art, as well as sailors, start with the Bangladesh National Museum on the outskirts of old Dhaka. The Museum is a place of interesting exhibitions of paintings and sculptures from the period of Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist. On the right there is a public library.
The pleasure seekers can benefit from a discount at the spa, while buyers can find the best purchase at Bashundhara City, which is the largest shopping mall in South Asia and the closest replica to the vast malls in Asia.

Where you should stay

You should make it a priority to find a place where you can get comfort. If you have the budget, there is the hotel wearing a lower rate than normal, but not in accordance with the hygiene standards are very high. In addition, you must be satisfied with the facilities that offer only minimal comforts.

If you can afford to spend more, refer to the room apartment, Guest House, or flat where a number of guests can share the cost of the accommodation. If you combine business with pleasure and go with your colleagues from work, there are luxury hotels such as the Hotel is located in Milina the sixth sector Uttaka, with trained staff to assist you in Planning Your corporate event.

Security is very important

Travel virtually on a par with the adventure, and excitement You can cause you to neglect security measures. Secure bags or personal belongings that you have. Dhaka away from dangerous places, but like many other major cities, is not completely without incident, and a crime an ambush while driving a rickshaw bags have been reported by travelers.

While this is not a complete list of all the things that you can explore in Dhaka, this guide will help you through the details of planning your trip.


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