12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Door County, Wisconsin

Very easy to get lost in Door County, where the lighthouse, Harbour, and historic village invites you to kick back and explore more than 300 miles of coastline and 19 unique community in Wisconsin. Nestled between the cliffs of Green Bay to the West and the sand dunes of Lake Michigan on the East, Door County is nothing short of a lot of things to do, and no two visits are the same.

In the summer, Door county is water sports destination, where boating, kayaking, fishing and diving the shipwreck is common. Frozen paradise winter brings its own reasons to visit. You can play cross-country skiing, try ice fishing in the Bay, or take the icebreaker to island Washington.

If you are looking for activities throughout the year, you can always enjoy Door County Scenic Byway-made 66 miles that runs through the community around the peninsula. It doesn't matter when you plan your visit, your stay is not complete without the original door County fish boil.

1. The Beach

Door County is home to 53 of the beach, so it's easy to spend a vacation experiencing the unique taste some for a living. Watch kites in the Park Anclam in Baileys Harbor while you enjoy the summer sun or stroll on the pier in Ellison Bay Bluff Park to observe some Government protected natural area. One of the best picnic beaches in this area are Waterfront Park in Sister Bay, which is home to the largest public beach in Door County. To visit the beach, take a ferry to Washington Island, where you can rent a moped to get to the beach school, with an unusual Pebble Beach. Very fine limestone on the beach it is illegal to take, but easy to remember to be seen directly.

2. The door County Maritime Museum

A visit to Door County is not complete without a stop at the Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay. These attractions pay homage to the area's maritime history, highlighting the life and influence of local fishermen, the captain of the ship, and the keeper of the lighthouse. Galleries in the museum includes Galleries Baumgartner, with 30 ship models, and a gallery of Horton, showing how the lighthouse works and interactive exhibits that make you are behind the wheel of a steamboat 1907. Outside the museum, you can take a tugboat as high as 149 feet, "John Purves," with guided tours and full access to see how the ship operates. While the museum is open throughout the year, access to the tugboat is seasonal. After your visit, stop Door County Coffee Tea Company & nearby for a cup of coffee and cake specials.

3. Fishing

Fishing in Door County is a year-round effort because it is surrounded by water. The types of fish that you can do and the types of species that you can catch the change in seasons. In the warmer months, you can enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass, salmon, walleye, and trout. You will find nearly 50 charter boats for fishing in the water from the peninsula. In winter you can ice fishing from a shack in Green Bay when you target banding, Vultures. Buggy ride to the cabin for two miles across the frozen lake is a vast journey of its own. Cottage calming warm and comfortable enough to spend the day with dinner, and a few restaurants can Cook Your catches. It is wise to call before your visit to check the condition of the ice.

4. Hiking

Door County has a stunning natural scenery, and it is not surprising if hiking is one of the best things to do in this area. With five State Parks and 19 county parks, hiking trails are always near regardless of where you stay. Walk along the Ahnapee for access to the natural beauty of the untouchables, or walk to Ephraim, which forms the eastern border of the Park Land Peninsula area of 3,700 hectares, where you can explore the trail for several days. Most of the Park county is rather retarded, giving you the most authentic perspective of the diverse parts of Wisconsin. Park county is the most popular Cave Point, with cliffs protruding above the beautiful sea caves. Follow hiking trails along the sea and occasionally stepping out in the cliff for a changing scenery along the way.

5. Door County Trolley

One of the best ways to make your way around the community Door County is by the Door County Trolley, which has depotnya in Egg Harbor. Climb to one of the 11 themed trolley tours for interesting ways to experience the area based on your interests. Popular tours including a tour of the lighthouse Ghost Tours, tours, culinary, and a tour of Spring Blossom when the cherry blossoms are blooming in the orchard. Cart has a long history in the area and can provide an enjoyable introduction to the places you might want to visit myself to spend more time.

6. Cycling

Cycling is one of the best things to do in Door County because there are many opportunities for cycling and road cycling. The road traverses the Interior of the peninsula is very popular. Much of the road follows the path of the water, make a beautiful trip. Door County is known for the major events organized cycling throughout the year that attract serious racers into this region. If forested trails more in line with your style, you'll find biking trails designated in State and county parks in each community.

7. Golf

Press the link with views of water, forests, or cherry orchards in Door County. There are 11 golf courses in the entire county, with varying levels of difficulty. In addition to the stunning natural scenery that changes throughout the year, golfers can enjoy a different game every day because there are so many. Test your skills on the lawn that are bent in The Orchards Golf Course in Egg Harbor early morning tee time or set in the most beautiful golf course in the heart of Peninsula State Park. Several golf courses remain open all year round, even in cold winter weekend.

8. Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboarding

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Door County to play the kayak and stand up paddleboarding on, which often occur in the same area. Biological diversity that you will find at five lakes inland counties and 300 miles of coastline, there is no comparison. The kayak up to the mouth of the sea cave in Cave Point County Park, enjoy the open water Green Bay, or a kayak on top of the wreck. There are many outfitters across the county that offer guided tours and rent a kayak and sailboat equipment install.

9. Camp out

F you are looking for the best kind of vacation pool Door County has to offer, set up camp at one of the many public or private campsites in the region. Do you want to enjoy the view of the lake or tranquil countryside, you will find options for every interest. Four state parks have campsites, and the county has many campsites. One of the most unique camping experience and most remote there at Rock Island State Park, home of the oldest lighthouses in Wisconsin. This requires two boats to get there. There are no cars on the island, so hiking is a must.

10. Go horseback riding

Horseback riding in Door County is one of the most amazing way to enjoy native forest and quiet peninsula of Wisconsin. Kurtz Corral in Sturgeon Bay has been in the area for over 50 years and offer a year-round road to drive on over 500 acres. If you are a casual riders, you will enjoy a relaxing guided rides along the wooded trails, and trips are also available for advanced riders. For the riding experience is truly unique, take a ferry to Washington Island, where you can see and climb the Iceland horses. Field Wood Farm offers riding lessons, trail rides, and programs to educate visitors about Iceland horses are rare.

11. the Shipwreck Diving

Door County the same exciting underwater as above because of the many shipwrecks that exist here for divers and snorkelers to explore. There are dozens of ships sunk in almost every line of the beach in this area. The ship can be seen at various depths, some in shallow water. Boats are available to take you diving in deeper waters. The Wisconsin Historical Society has a program Maritime Trails offers comprehensive information about the location of shipwrecks and what you will find in them.

12. The Garden

Everywhere you will find a concentration of orchards such as Door County. With more than 2,500 hectares of cherry orchards across the region and 500 acres of apple orchards, you have no shortage of farms to be visited. Whether you drop in to one of the farms or market to buy fresh produce, or spend an afternoon with a pick your own cherries, this is one of the best ways to enjoy the unique features of this county. Wrap one day in orchards in the restaurant White Gull Inn in Fish Creek to search for typical County door County fish followed by a slice of homemade cherry pie with fresh local cherries.


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